Dan Song and Kai Hübner

Dan and Kai are the founders of Gleechi. Combined, they have a strong international research background in robotics, from working as senior researchers in the field of robot motion planning, in particular for robot hands and robot interaction. Dan has additional expertise as a computer vision scientist for ChyronHegoTracab, designing machine learning algorithms for sports broadcasting. Kai has additional experience as an R&D industry advisor, and worked as an algorithm developer in novel eye-tracking applications for Tobii Technology. Based on 8 years of research Gleechi has developed the first software solution to enable free and realistic hand animations in games. The company has received several awards, most recently as the ”Super Startup of 2015” by Veckans Affärer. At Gleechi, Dan and Kai are the Hipster and Hacker in the team and work on developing the product to become the standard solution for every animated hand within gaming, animation, and virtual reality.