Brian Baglow

Brian Baglow is a 20-year veteran of the global video games industry, now working with companies across the interactive, digital and creative industries. He is an ambassador, advocate, speaker, supporter, lecturer, writer, communicator and expert on the interactive and creative industries.
He is the acknowledged world expert on Scotland's video games sector and interactive industry, advising everyone from the government and companies to the public sector on the rapidly evolving interactive market.
Brian has worked as a writer, game designer and producer. Since 1997, he has focused on communications, marketing, public relations, business development, event management, advocacy, outreach, enthusiasm, networking and social media.
Over the last 10 years, he has worked with over 150 companies, in-house and as an independent consultant, helping companies to start up, find funding, develop games, establish brands, organise events, design apps, educate a new market, launch products, build a profile, meet the right people and make things happen.
In 2007, he created the Scottish Games Network, the only inclusive community and focal point for the rapidly evolving interactive sector in Scotland.
Brian is now working with creative companies across board, from video games, film, and television to music, performing arts and online organisations.